Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Abby Ehmann, Owner & Operator of Hekate Café, Elixir Lounge & Lucky

Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Abby Ehmann, Owner & Operator of Hekate Café, Elixir Lounge & Lucky

This year, we’ve decided to spotlight like-minded female-founders, influencers, celebrities and thought-leaders each month to speak to our Founder and Chief Mingle Officer, Laura Taylor. 

For April’s “Monthly Mingle”, Laura Taylor spoke to Andie Regan, bby Ehmann, Owner & Operator of Hekate Café, Elixir Lounge & Lucky. Located in New York City, Hekate is an intimate sober bar fueled by feminine energy, serving 0% ABV beers and wines, as well as a vast array of delicious alcohol free cocktails.

Have you heard of or participated in the sober curious movement?  

Yes, I have. As I own a sober bar, I’ve been participating in the sober curious movement since we opened.

Best advice for other women entrepreneurs wanting to start a business?

Don’t wait till the time is right. It may likely never be right. Get as much information as you possibly can and dive in!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I own two businesses now, a sober bar and a non-sober bar. The non-sober bar has been open for eight years now, through the pandemic. That’s my proudest accomplishment. Owning a small business in NYC is extremely difficult. This city, which claims to be “pro business” is anything but unless you’re Google or Starbucks. Staying open, especially through the pandemic, took a LOT. 

How have other women helped support you through your career journey?

I hire almost all women. And support many female friends who are also small business owners.

Quick Questions

Typical morning routine?

I wake up early and do all my puzzles and brain games. It helps me ease into my day. Then I make my morning mocha and watch all the morning talk shows while I do my social media for the day.

Favorite way to unplug?

Whatever the latest thing on Netflix or Hulu might be. Or if I’m busy doing other things (and don’t want to have to pay too much attention, say while I’m crafting or on my computer) Law & Order or Blue Bloods reruns.

Favorite sweet treat?

Peanut M&Ms, but pretty much anything sweet!

Dream Travel Destination?

Australia, I guess. I recently visited Easter Island and Antarctica and I’ve traveled quite a lot. I just like the beach so Mexico is my favorite place, even though I’ve been many, many times!

Flavor vs Flavor

Cranberry Cosmo or Key Lime Margarita? 

Key Lime Margarita! 

Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini or Cucumber Melon Mojito? 

  • They both sound yummy!

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