Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Andie Regan, Founder of Andie’s Eats

Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Andie Regan, Founder of Andie’s Eats

This year, we’ve decided to spotlight like-minded female-founders, influencers, celebrities and thought-leaders each month to speak to our Founder and Chief Mingle Officer, Laura Taylor. 

For April’s “Monthly Mingle”, Laura Taylor interviewed Andie Regan, Founder of Andie’s Eats. Andie's culinary journey began in childhood, learning from her parents and being inspired by cooking shows. She honed her skills through family meals, formal training at the Culinary Institute of America, and internships with renowned bakers in New York City. While at Tulane University, she founded Andie's Eats, initially focusing on cakes and cookies, later expanding to innovative Cake Scraps, meeting growing demand with fresh, made-to-order delights for every occasion. 

Have you heard of or participated in the sober curious movement?  

Yes! I participated in Dry January this year for the first time, it went very well! I will definitely probably participate again in the future! 

How do you make yourself feel ‘part of the party’ when you aren’t drinking? 

I love listening to music and dancing so not drinking has never been a problem. I love spending time with my friends and usually don't need alcohol to be able to have fun with them!  

Best advice for other women entrepreneurs wanting to start a business?

If you're passionate about something and believe in it, Don’t give up!  Don't let anyone tell you no! Keep going! I've been baking my entire life and everyone told me I would not make it in the hospitality industry because it would be too hard. I didn't listen! Sadly, Women will always have to work harder. But continue to be persistent and it will all work out! 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Opening Andie’s Eats first storefront! This had been a dream of mine for so long. Since I was little I dreamed about having a shop in NYC! Over the last year I was able to make my dream a reality! 

Quick Questions

Typical morning routine?

Wake up, make myself breakfast and answer some emails a couple hours before opening the shop. I open the shop around 11am and start to prepare some cake jars/cakes for the day!

Favorite way to unplug?

Listening to music and cooking a meal for my friends and family. I love bringing everyone together through food!  

Favorite sweet treat?

This is a hard one for me considering.. But I'd have to say probably some type of pastry like a croissant!  It is usually something I do not bake on a normal basis! 

Dream Travel Destination?

Australia/ New Zealand

Most played song on your Spotify?

'Stick Season' by Noah Kahan or 'Lost In My Mind' by The Head and The Heart 

Flavor vs Flavor

Cranberry Cosmo or Key Lime Margarita? 

Key Lime Margarita! 

Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini or Cucumber Melon Mojito? 

Cucumber Melon Mojito all the way, i'm a sucker for anything with fresh mint 

Moscow Mule or Blood Orange Hibiscus Bellini? 

Moscow Mule 

Check out Andie’s Eats: Andie’s Eats 
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