Celebrate Your Spirit

Clean crafted sparkling mocktails to be enjoyed on their own or as a mixer to include everyone at the party.

Our Philosophy

We’re here to celebrate your choice and your spirit, whether you choose not to booze for a day, week or forever. We want to foster inclusion, social connection and fun to include everyone, whether or not you choose to drink.

Our Approach

Clean Crafted

made with natural and clean ingredients


enjoyable for those who don't drink and those who do

Delicious Flavors

artistically crafted like your favorite cocktail

Low Calories

the ultimate low-cal alternative for guilt free indulgence


Years ago, I made the decision to give up alcohol and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. At social events, I often felt out of place and not part of the group, especially when saying “no” to alcohol was met with questioning looks or comments.

I created Mingle for anyone who gives up drinking for the night, week or as a lifestyle choice but still wants to feel included and a part of the occasion.

Laura, Founder + Boozefree Badass