Wholesale | Corporate Program


- If you’re looking to sell or serve Mingle Mocktails, we’d love to connect! Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com and include the term “WHOLESALE” in the subject field.


GIFTING: We will curate a customized professional gift offering to fulfill to your company’s needs!

- Custom-branded messaging, professional packaging and creative combinations available to provide your employees & customers a fun, inclusive and healthy gift they will enjoy!
- An alcohol-free choice that enables social connection, inclusion and reinforces CSR policies.

- We’ll craft the perfect corporate gift including 1 to 4 bottle gift sets for special occasions, holiday gifting, customer gifting and employee recognition.
- Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com , include the term “CORPORATE GIFTING” in the subject field.

EVENTS: Foster a socially inclusive environment at your business events!

- If your company is hosting a conference, corporate reception or casual gathering, include this upscale alcohol-free option which minimizes risk while fostering inclusion.
- Your employees and customers will feel ‘part of the party’ whether they are alcohol-free, on medication or have personal reasons for taking a booze-break.
- Support your CSR policies with a safe and healthy option at your events.
- Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com, include the term “CORPORATE EVENT” in the subject field.