Wholesale | Corporate Program


- If you’re looking to sell or serve Mingle Mocktails, we’d love to connect! Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com and include the term “WHOLESALE” in the subject field.


GIFTING: We will curate a customized professional gift offering to fulfill to your company’s needs!

- Custom-branded messaging, professional packaging and creative combinations available to provide your employees & customers a fun, inclusive and healthy gift they will enjoy!
- An alcohol-free choice that enables social connection, inclusion and reinforces CSR policies.

- We’ll craft the perfect corporate gift including 1 to 4 bottle gift sets for special occasions, holiday gifting, customer gifting and employee recognition.
- Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com , include the term “CORPORATE GIFTING” in the subject field.

VIRTUAL CALL & MEETINGS: engage with your employees - liven up your next meeting with a virtual toast or tasting!

Send your team members a Mingle gift package and share a “virtual toast” on your next team call to engage your team with fun and social connection.

You may also hire Laura Taylor, the Chief Mingle Officer, to conduct a Virtual  Tasting Experience on your next team meeting… Laura will share the heritage of Mingle, the unique flavor profiles and how to create your own fun mocktail or light cocktail at home.  

LEARN MORE!  Download to learn more about Mingle corporate gifting and experiences.

- Contact us at info@minglemocktails.com, include the term “CORPORATE EVENT” in the subject field.