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Laura Taylor partnered with Jenn Kautch, Founder of Sober Sis, to help women interested in drinking less or not at all. Jenn provides fabulous tips and tricks for going alcohol-free and explores our relationship with alcohol.  She is a sassy, smart, relatable and she shares my mission of helping people feel part of the party while also being alcohol free!  You are welcome to join the Sober Sis tribe and get access to great tools to help you in your own personal journey. 

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Learn the 5 secrets to skipping the wine tonight… you’ll learn how to relax and still have fun, just without the wine.

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Jenn & Laura discuss how Sober Sis and Mingle Mocktails support women learning how to redefine their relationship with alcohol.  It’s inspirational, honest and authentic.   We are on a mission to help women live their best lives with a clear mind and open heart.