Monthly Mingle- An Interview with LaParis Phillips, CEO & Creative Director of Brooklyn Blooms

Monthly Mingle- An Interview with LaParis Phillips, CEO & Creative Director of Brooklyn Blooms

This year, we’ve decided to spotlight like-minded female-founders, influencers, celebrities and thought-leaders each month to speak to our Founder and Chief Mingle Officer, Laura Taylor. 

For this “Monthly Mingle”, Laura Taylor interviewed LaParis Phillips, Owner & Creative Director of Brooklyn Blooms. Brooklyn Blooms finds its creative spark in the areas of fashion, nature, and art, channeling these influences through their art of flower arrangements. Brooklyn Blooms champions individuality, crafting bespoke floral arrangements that reflect each individual’s unique essence, right down to the choice of vase. Through the thoughtful pairing of curated seasonal blooms and unique vases, Brooklyn Blooms aims to weave together "beautiful things out of beautiful things," with an individual's preferences and personality as the focal point. 

Have you heard of or participated in the sober curious movement?  

No, I’ve actually never heard of this but it’s probably because I’m not a drinker. So, perhaps I’ve been a part of the movement without even realizing! lol

How do you make yourself feel ‘part of the party’ when you aren’t drinking? 

Honestly, if the music is good then who needs liquor. I can get drunk from the beat baby! However, when I do need some hydration, any mocktail with ginger beer is my go-to!

Best advice for other women entrepreneurs wanting to start a business?

Start with what you have and remember that ALL companies have terrible months, it’s a part of the game. Now it’s up to you to stay in it!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Wow, that’s a great question because I have many that equal each other! I must say that running two shops and building my company, Brooklyn Blooms, from the ground up is my product accomplishment! It’s been really rewarding to see where I’ve started. With 9 years and two shops under my belt, I’m just getting started!

How have other women helped support you through your career journey?

Being that many of my peers are women in the floral industry, I tend to reach out to them for various reasons and they are always ready to help. I also have boss lady friends in other industries who I like to lean on at times as well.

Quick Questions

Typical morning routine?

Rise around 7:30/8:00, must stretch, Breakfast is a must and then a mix of getting dressed and working at the same time. (Checking IG, Emails, Texts from assistant)

Favorite way to unplug?

I love roller skating, riding my moped, biking, or just spending time at home doing whatever I want. 

Favorite sweet treat?

Oh, that's hard because I am a sweets girl but ice cream/gelato has my heart. Paired with a warm brownie or slice of apple pie, OMG! Don’t get me started!

Dream Travel Destination?

Oof, I really don’t have a dream destination. I love any tropical place that has fresh food, exotic fruits and warm blue water! 

Most played song on your Spotify?

At the moment, it’s been Sweat by Livt. 

Flavor vs Flavor

Cranberry Cosmo or Key Lime Margarita? 


Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini or Cucumber Melon Mojito? 


Moscow Mule or Blood Orange Hibiscus Bellini? 


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