Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Elizabeth Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Absence of Proof

Monthly Mingle- An Interview with Elizabeth Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Absence of Proof

This year, we’ve decided to spotlight like-minded female-founders, influencers, celebrities and thought-leaders each month to speak to our Founder and Chief Mingle Officer, Laura Taylor. 

For our first ever “Monthly Mingle”, Laura Taylor interviewed Elizabeth Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Absence of Proof. In 2022, Elizabeth removed alcohol from her life, like much of her generation, and created the nightlife experience that she was missing from her life: Absence of Proof. Absence of Proof is a non-alcoholic pop up bar experience that is taking over the party scene. From starting in New York City to now having nine chapters across the country, Absence of Proof and Elizabeth are normalizing “not drinking” and what it looks like to have a booze-free night of fun. 

Tell us about yourself in three sentences.

I'm passionate about improvement, whether that be making my business better, my health better, or my relationships better.  Growth brings me more joy than anything else. 

Have you heard of or participated in the sober curious movement?  

Yes, I have! I decided to remove alcohol from my life two years ago and haven't looked back.  I absolutely love the inclusivity of the sober curious movement.  It's not about telling people to drink or not to drink, it's about making your own mindful and intentional decisions around the place alcohol does or doesn't have in your life.

Have you participated in Dry Jan? How was it?

I have, and I love it.  It stuck way beyond January for me but I have friends who do Dry January consistently every year and love the reset it gives them as they kick off the year.  

How do you make yourself feel ‘part of the party’ when you aren’t drinking? 

It's a lot of practice and a lot of mocktails.  When I first stopped drinking I noticed higher social anxiety when entering new party situations, but now I love being sober in those places because I know I'm showing up as my truest self and am able to remember all of the fun.  

Best advice for other women in the food & beverage industry/ wanting to start a business?  

The trick is to get to action as quickly as possible.  We all have ideas of things we want to do, but without action those ideas stay in our heads.  If you have an idea, challenge yourself to get to action as quickly as possible. What can you do in the next 5 minutes that gets that idea closer to coming into reality?

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Quitting my corporate job to go full time on my own business.  It's something I wanted for a long time and honestly didn't know if it was going to ever work financially.  But with a lot of work and a lot of amazing people that helped along the way, we got here and I couldn't be happier and more proud to lead a company that's doing good in the world.

How have other women helped support you through your career journey?

I wouldn't be an entrepreneur without the women in my life who have encouraged me, supported me, and challenged me to have the bravery to take leaps that I wasn't confident would work out.  My mom (also my CFO) has been a lifesaver in helping me navigate the financial aspect of business that I wasn't familiar with prior. 

 Quick Questions

Typical morning routine?

5:00 AM: Wake up call

5:00 AM- 5:30 AM: Breakfast, gratitude journaling and journaling about how I want my day to go (basically practicing for every meeting I have that day)

5:30 AM- 6:00 AM: Foam rolling and gearing up for my run

6:00 AM- 7:00 AM: Run, run, run!  I'm training for a marathon right now and running has quickly becoming a large majority of my free time outside of work

7:00 AM- 8:00 AM: Sauna and cold plunge. Cold plunging has been the single most impactful protocol for my productivity and focus since I removed alcohol.

8:00 AM: Arrive at my office, check in with my team, and get to work!

Favorite way to unplug?

Bachelor in Paradise

Favorite sweet treat?

Levain Banana Chocolate Chip Bread - you can only get it in the morning because they sell out so fast and it's life changing!

Dream Travel Destination?

I'm going to Japan for new years this year and I am so excited!

Most played song on your Spotify?

"I Am"

Flavor vs Flavor

Cranberry Cosmo or Key Lime Margarita? 

Cranberry Cosmo all the way

Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini or Cucumber Melon Mojito? 

Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini 

Moscow Mule or Blood Orange Hibiscus Bellini? 

Moscow Mule

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