The Mai Tai: A Classic Tropical Drink with a Perfect Name


Imagine having this excellent drink after a busy hot day. Whether at the beach or just sitting in your backyard, Mai Tais always make for a perfect summertime beverage. So next time you are looking to mix up something unique, try making a Mai Tai from mingle mocktails recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

What is a Mai?

The Mai Tai is a famous tropical cocktail that typically includes rum, orange liqueur, almond syrup, or almond extract(if you can't get any of the almond syrup, then you can use orgeat syrup.), pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. The name "Mai Tai" comes from the Tahitian term maita'i, which means "excellence." It's an excellent name because this drink is amazing!

The Mai Tais, which are made with Thai coconut milk and have a golden rum shell, are typically served in tropical climes. The brilliant, fruity tastes are ideal for basking on the beach. Of course, we don't want any alcohol in our glasses. We came up with easy party punch recipes that you, family, and friends can enjoy.

Non Alcoholic Mai Tai Ingredients

What if we eliminated the rum and alcohol from a mai tai? What else could we substitute it with? We came up with a fantastic combination of beverages that will paint your glass red. Here are the components for a virgin mai tai recipe below:

  • Orange juice- If possible, use freshly squeezed orange juice. The highest quality is achieved by excluding the pulp.

  • Pineapple juice- It is best to use 100% pineapple juice. If you like your Mai Tai a little sweeter, add a tablespoon of sugar or pineapple syrup.

  • Lime juice- For this Mai Tai recipe, we recommend using fresh lime juice. However, if you don't have any on hand, the bottled variety will work.

  • Coconut milk- This is the crucial ingredient in our Mai Tai recipe. It gives the drink a creamy, tropical taste.

  • Grenadine syrup- This will give your Mai Tai its characteristic red color. If you don't have any grenadine, you can use pomegranate juice or cranberry juice as a substitute.

  • Lime seltzer- This will give your Mai Tai a sparkling finish.

How to Make a Virgin Mai Tai Mocktail

The first step in our classic mai tai mocktail recipe is combining all the liquids. The juice mix may be kept in the fridge for quick access. Stir the pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and grenadine syrup together. Set this mixture aside while you move on to the next step.

Next, it's time to add some coconut milk to your Mai Tai glass. Pour in as much or as little as you like- it's entirely up to you! Once the coconut milk is in, slowly pour in the juice mixture. Be careful not to fill the glass too high, as you'll need room for seltzer water

Now that your Mai Tai is almost complete, it's time to add some lime seltzer water. This will give your drink a refreshing fizz. Top off the glass and enjoy!

Mai Tai Mocktail Recipe


  • 4 cups orange juice

  • 4 cups pineapple juice

  • ¼ cup lemon juice

  • ¼ coconut milk

  • ¼ cup lime juice

  • ½ cup grenadine

  • 4 cups lime seltzer

  • Orange slices

  • Lime Slices

  • Cherries


  • Add the orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, and lime juice to a big punch bowl. Place the mai tai punch in the refrigerator if you'll serve it later.

  • Next, fill a glass halfway with the orange pineapple mix and half-fill a cup with ice before adding the mocktails.

  • Pour 1 tablespoon of grenadine into the glass. Pour in the lime seltzer until the glass is half full.

  • You can always garnish and spice your mai tai with a natural flavor by adding an orange slice, lime slice, maraschino cherries, or a fresh pineapple wedge.

Variations You Could Try to Make Your Mai Tai Mocktails

If you want to make your Mai Tai a little bit different, feel free to experiment with these variations:

-Try adding mango juice or passion fruit juice for a sweeter Mai Tai.

-Add a mint sprig or lime zest for a refreshing twist.

-For a spicy Mai Tai, add a dash of hot sauce or ground ginger.

-Make a frozen Mai Tai by blending ale ingredients and serving over ice cubes.

-Try using different types of dark rum or white rum for a stronger alcoholic version of Mai Tai.

Other Mocktail Recipes That you Could Try

Cranberry Cosmo: This is a mocktail version of the classic Cosmopolitan. Simply combine cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange juice in a glass. Top it off with seltzer water and enjoy!

Virgin Mojito: This refreshing mocktail is made with mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and sparkling water.

Strawberry Daiquiri: This fruity mocktail is made with strawberries, lime juice, and sugar.


Mai Tais are a delicious and refreshing tropical drink that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're looking for a virgin Mai Tai or a Mai Tai with a bit of rum, this mocktail recipe is sure to please. So what are you waiting for? Grab some juices and get mixing! Cheers!