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What & Why

Whether you’re alcohol-free or a social drinker, you want to feel part of the party with a delightful drink! We make drinking occasions fun for everyone by offering a fun, low-calorie, clean crafted and flexibly mixable drink that everyone can enjoy. The Founder, Laura Taylor, was inspired to create a clean crafted tasty mocktail when she went alcohol-free. She’s still the life of the party, just without the hangover! Whether going booze-free for a day, week or as a lifestyle choice, enjoy a delightful adult zero-proof mocktail instead of boring seltzer. Mingle is also flexibly mixable so social drinkers, like Laura’s husband, can enjoy a light cocktail when mixed with spirits. Our alcohol-free mocktails are only 20 calories a serving, naturally sweetened with fruit juices, botanicals and organic cane sugar and each has its own effervescent flavor profile based on the most popular cocktails.

5 Fabulous Mocktail Flavors

Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini:

Sparkling blend of juicy blackberry & delicate hibiscus for a fun, fruity finish.

Cranberry Cosmo:

Sparkling blend of citrus, tangy cranberry and lime juice for a light, crisp finish.

Cucumber Melon Mojito:

Refreshing sparkling blend of cucumber, honeydew melon with a hint of mint for a fun, tropical vibe.

Moscow Mule:

Light and zesty blend of effervescent ginger and lime. Ginger Beer is more than 160 calories per can, but our entire bottle of Moscow Mule is just 120 calories to enjoy.

Blood Orange Elderflower:

Light and citrusy sparkling layers of blood orange with a subtle floral finish for a taste of sunshine.

Key Attributes:

• NEW OPTION: Now anyone on a booze-free break can enjoy a fun and festive Mingle Mocktail instead of boring seltzer or sugary soda.
• LOW-CALORIE: At only 20 calories per glass you can enjoy some guilt free fun.
• FLEXIBLY MIXABLE: Pour straight from the bottle as an alcohol-free mocktail, a healthy kids drink, or add liquor to mix up a skinny cocktail for any occasion.
• CLEAN + NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with natural ingredients and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Kosher certified, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Zero Artificial Sweeteners
• A LIGHT, SEMI-DRY TASTE: A light balanced flavor, not too sweet, so you can enjoy 1 or 2 bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling Mingle Mocktails and feel great.

Common Questions Answered

Q: What is a Mocktail?

A: Mocktail is a zero-proof cocktail with a mixture of fruit juices or sparkling drinks and served chilled in cocktail glasses. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will! Mocktails are fantastic non-alcoholic alternatives to cocktails and are trending in the bar, restaurant and hospitality industry. 

Q: Do you have to be a non-drinker to enjoy Mingle Mocktails?

A: No way! Mingle Mocktails are for anyone who wants to feel part of the party but may not feel like drinking alcohol for that moment, evening or as a lifestyle choice. Whether on a diet, expecting, designated driver, health restrictions, or taking a booze-free break, now there’s a sophisticated option for everyone.

Q: Can Mingle Sparkling Mocktails be served with alcohol?

A: You bet! Mingle Sparkling Mocktails make a great premium mixer with spirits to create a tasty low-cal cocktail. It’s great because everyone can enjoy and feel socially connected! Bring to your next gathering and serve both ways to see for yourself.

Q: Why should I serve Mingle Sparkling Mocktails at my next gathering or corporate function?

A: About 30% of adults do not drink alcohol, but a much higher percentage of people take a break from drinking for short and longer time periods. If you are an event planner in hospitality, you should be considering the social, personal and corporate responsibility of offering a booze-free choice. Mingle Mocktails provide an appealing non-alcoholic option that fosters social connection, inclusivity, minimizes risk and enables a safer environment for all of your guests to come together. Mingle allows guests to have all the fun without the trouble!

Q: Why would someone choose Mingle Sparkling Mocktails over sparkling water or seltzer?

A: Have you ever spent an evening at an event drinking sparkling water in a clunky glass with a big red straw? I have, and it wasn’t fun, especially when people kept asking why I wasn’t drinking! Sparkling water is hydrating but i doesn’t feel festive or special, and it really gets boring over the course of an event when other individuals are drinking cocktails and wine. Mingle is for those who want to hold an elegant cocktail glass that not only looks nice, but also tastes delightful and refreshing.

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